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Merlin's Army

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Legends come to life...
After a daring rescue from high-tech computer game Feyland, Scottish teenager Corinne MacArthur looks forward to a quieter life and time to enjoy her magical grey horse and her friendship with Elphin Irving.

Music student Elphin thinks he's seen the last of the blue-faced hag who ensorcelled him in Feyland. But Cailleach, the legendary witch of winter, has other ideas. And greater ambitions. Ambitions which spread beyond the faerie realm and into the real-world landscapes of Scotland.

However, she's reckoned without Corinne and Elphin, and their legendary friends...

:: Wizard's Potion is the sixth and final book in the Celtic Fey series set in Anthea Sharp's Feyland universe (with her kind permission), and it concludes the story arc started in the first book, Unicorn Magic. Finish this magical series today!
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