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Wizard's Potion

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For Struan Sutherland, pitting himself against villainous trolls in the virtual reality game, Feyland, is a great distraction from making difficult decisions about his future. The easy option has been mapped out for him since before he could walk, let alone swing a sword: medical school, then following in his father’s footsteps to become a surgeon.

But there are other footsteps he’d rather follow: specifically, size six, wearing Doc Martens, purple laces and pink socks. Joss Constanza must be the prettiest girl in final year, and she’s headed for the army. Which suddenly seems very appealing to Struan. After all, there’s nothing he enjoys better in Feyland than a good fight…

However, Struan hasn’t reckoned with a mysterious wizard he meets in the game, who leads him on a series of challenging quests. It makes him see the world through new eyes, and question everything he thought he knew. Will he be a fighter, or a healer? Whichever future he chooses, he has only three days left to decide.

:: Wizard's Potion is the fifth book in the Celtic Fey series set in Anthea Sharp's Feyland universe (with her kind permission). Enjoy this magical series today!

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