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The Celtic Fey Volume 1 - Books 1-3

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A ticking clock. An impossible decision. A world torn apart.
If Scottish teenager Corinne MacArthur had known what the Feyland computer game really was, she might have found a different way to escape her everyday life... But, with a majestic faerie King, a magical unicorn and a handsome bard, why wouldn't she want to play?

Elphin might just be a character in the game, but when he saves Corinne from certain death, he becomes a friend—a much better friend than the mean girls at the stables where she keeps her horse, with their sabotage, slander and secrets.

Then a devastating trick tears Corinne's world apart.

Elphin is in danger, and with time running out in both the real world and the virtual, Corinne has to choose: her friend or her horse? There's no right answer, but somehow she has to make a decision—before it's too late.

:: Volume 1 of The Celtic Fey series contains books 1-3: Unicorn Magic, Kelpie Curse and Faerie Quest, telling Corinne's story. The series concludes in Volume 2, where she and Elphin battle to save Scotland from a legendary foe.

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