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My Snowy Valentine

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One day you have to stop running from the past...
New Zealander Mike Cole has skied almost everywhere in the world, trying to escape the tragedy in his past. But Scotland, where he's working as a ski instructor, is the first place to really pull at his heart strings.
His emotions have been locked tight for years, but the friends he's made at the ski school are starting to feel like a surrogate family. And boss, Jude, is breaking down walls that took years to build.
It makes him want to run. Again. But first there's a race to win, saboteurs to best and secret admirers to unmask. Will his Valentine's Day turn into a massacre? Or will he finally find his place, and his people? It's time to choose...

:: My Snowy Valentine is the second novella from the Secrets in the Snow series about about the lives and loves of the instructors in a Scottish ski school. This story focusses on Mike's adventures, but to get best enjoyment from the series, you might prefer to start with the first book, Fear of Falling.

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