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The Secret Santa Mystery

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A Secret Santa—with a secret!

Security expert for a British bank by day, horse trainer at night, Izzy Paterson is a multi-tasking, dressage-riding, computer whiz with an addiction to strong coffee and a penchant for CSI on Netflix. So when she's handed a perplexing riddle at her office Christmas party, she just can't ignore the mystery.

Penned by a modern-day Robin Hood, the anonymous rhyme hints at financial misconduct that could put the future of everyone at her work in danger.

Despite herself, Izzy is drawn into solving the puzzle, delving into the furthest reaches of the internet in her quest to track down the mysterious wrongdoer. Can she solve the mystery before the company implodes, or before her adversary takes things from the virtual to the physical—and still get home to Scotland in time for Christmas?

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